For over 16 years, Promixco has been trusted in Bangladesh health sector by Experts and clinicians for quality products, and excellent support service when needed. Our first philosophy reflects on our commitment to superior care for you and your patients.


Customer Support

At PROMIXCO, we know that the performance of our service and support organization is as important to our customers as the performance of our products. We know that our customers expect prompt, highly competent service delivery and support every time so that patient care flows efficiently and effectively. As your valued clinical partner, these goals are our goals as well and you can count on us to be there when you need us.

We believe that our attitude towards customer service. We listen to you, are proactive in our solutions and react quickly to resolve issues.

Essential Support Elements

  • Comprehensive, flexible and regular.
  • Accessible and effective Technical Support
  • Excellent replacement unit or spare part availability
  • Constant and consistent product performance feedback gathering

Our Service Team