Promixco Healthcare (PHC)


Although the medical device sector is still behind than other industries in terms of 'going green'. An increasing number of manufacturers are now beginning to make the shift towards sustainability, using innovative techniques to save energy and reduce environmental impact. Promixco Healthcare (PHC) is proud to become the first medical device manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Also the PHC is committed to metricize to “going green” project which covers;Global Warming, Climate Change, Deforestation, Renewable Energy Adoption, Water Pollution & Water Waste, Recycling & Landfill Waste Reduction, Animal Extinction& Over Fishing, Rain Harvesting, Solar, Bio-gas ETP. So our commitment in eco-friendly environment for all. We design, manufacture and market; medical equipment, hospital furniture, physiotherapy equipment, beautification equipment, dermatology equipment and disposable items for the national and global market. PHCs core value is “CARE for a healthy life”. C-careful eco-friendly environment, A-innovation accurately, R-realistic solution, E-ensure service of exact time.

Promixco Healthcare of Bangladesh is a joint venture company in collaboration with Jiangsu Keling Medical Appliances Co., Ltd an internationally reputed medical devices manufacturing company of China. The manufactured product of PHC are certified by FDA, CE and ISO. Our products are designed to enable scientific researchers across the country to perform research projects, which belong to the variety required by the ministry of health, ministry of social welfare, ministry of defense, hospitals, clinics, diagnostics centers, for rehabilitation center development, and medical units at different levels across the country. Installations can be found in hospitals, epidemic prevention services, blood banks, universities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and national laboratories as medical treatment services have already been spread out at all level of hospitals and clinics all over Bangladesh. PHC is determined in its existing.

The successful growth of our business drove a continuous development of our manufacturing ability. Our facility of 72, meet the demand of our customers.Since its foundation PHC has been honored, and the PHC is a part of PROMIXCO GROUP which is highly ranked as one of the key global stature. In addition to certification with ISO quality system, environment protection system, and quality system, the company has been awarded the Medical Devices Manufacturing Company License from Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh,and Drug Administration.

Our research and development team consists of highly qualified and selective professionals specialized in modern technology, remote sensing, sample protection & handling, and networking technology.Our business strategy and technological advancement has been very effective since the incepting of the company. PHC adheres to the pioneering ethos of a customer-led, quality first transcendence in innovation; assuming the responsibility to protect and enrich lives through the further development of medical technology and in doing so become a leading international presence.It will be a creative to develop advanced technologies, keep improving to make outstanding products, instantly on scientific management to provide quality service, and share all of those with the world and have a more confidence to provide the better products and bring healthiness to the world by advancing medical care.